About us

About us

We are an organisation, which cultivates and develops knowledge and networking across business communities, primarily in the emerging European economies.

What we offer

  • Year-round contact, which is fostered by sharing insights and expertise through regular editorial contributions from respected members of the community, strong social media presence
  • Annual, industry-leading conferences, which form an impartial platform, enabling communities to develop and grow.

Why choose the Strategy Council

Our 20 years of in-depth market knowledge and vast network enables us to connect these communities, whilst providing invaluable access to real-time, unique and business-critical information.

What attendees say about our events

"Ukrainian Automotive Forum – perfectly organized event that is highly important for development of our economic environment, attracting new investments and opening new opportunities for collaboration. It is a great possibility to bring all parties together, find solutions for different challenges that automotive branch faces"

Anna Prydybailo, Head of MCC Department, Raiffeisen Bank Aval


“Thank you for the excellent two days – very interesting and lively”

Andrew Edmondson, Investment Manager, Ashmore Group


“The conference was a success – thanks for a great set-up”

Mykola Kovalski, Director, Development & Investor Relations, Astarta-Kyiv


“It was a great event with useful networking and presentations of the opportunities in Ukraine”

Olga Afanasyeva, Executive Director, Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association


“Very much obliged for the high level of organisation and support from your side”

Liubomyr Cheban, Head, Division for International Business, Agrarian Fund of Ukraine


“Thanks for the great event. It was a pleasure to participate in this high-end event”

Dirk Aleven, Partner, FoodVentures


“Thanks for hosting a good day and event”

Martin Numan, Director, E.van Wijk Logistics Poland & Ukraine


“The event was informative and useful. You gathered the best specialists in agribusiness”

Andriy Gryshchenko, Senior Trader, Pology Oil Extraction Plant




About the Founder

Stephen Butler

For more than 20 years Stephen has been at the forefront of the knowledge and networking industry in the emerging European economies and is passionate about the development of platforms to enable and facilitate business activity and development throughout the region.

  • 14 years as an integral part of the senior management team at Adam Smith Conferences, most recently as Director of Strategy;
  • Personally conceived and developed over 100 C-Level business conferences focused on emerging Europe and project led a similar number in more than 15 countries;
  • Network: Government Ministers, Captains of business and industry experts throughout the region and globally, who are regular contributors to these flagship, annual meeting-places for their industries and geographies;
  • Industries include: Energy (oil & gas, power, renewables), finance, capital markets, banking, agribusiness, metals & mining, transport infrastructure and PPPs, telecoms, hi-tech and VC, automotive and pulp & paper.

Stephen resides in West London with his family and is a frequent traveller to the countries in which he operates.

Stephen holds a BA (hons) in European Studies with Russian and German from the University of Bath and an MBA from Cardiff Business School.

Stephen was awarded as Lviv Honorary Ambassador in 2020.

Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

Between us the management team has a combined experience of several decades leading the B2B events industry, providing professional intelligence and networking and creating sustainable, long-term business communities.

Over this time we have developed a passion and expertise for delivering the highest levels of customer service and ensuring that every single event attendee and community member fulfils their business and personal goals and receives unparalleled Return On Investment, financially and timewise, through their participation in our projects. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve this.

Strategy Council is Associate Member of U.S.-Ukraine Business Council.

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